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Vestibular rehabilitation

Specialist treatment for a common affliction

For some people dizziness is a feeling of lightheadedness or general instability, whilst for others it feels like the room is spinning or the floor is moving under their feet. Regardless, suffering from long-term dizziness can have a huge impact on your mental and physical health.

Often the cause of dizziness is an issue or imbalance in the body’s vestibular system, an intricate system in our inner ear. Yet, its intricate structure means that it’s hard to find the cause of the matter and, as a result, often only the symptoms are treated by GPs.

This is where a vestibular assessment is helpful with Katrina, our vestibular specialist. She is able to use her extensive experience of working with people suffering from dizziness to diagnose and treat many inner ear problems. You can find out about her experience here.

As with all of the patients we see, after a thorough assessment of your condition, a unique treatment and plan is created which incorporates your personal preferences and individual lifestyle. All of this is openly discussed with you throughout, to help you fully understand your condition and treatment, and to empower you with the knowledge possibly needed to prevent the issue reoccurring in the future.

If necessary, such as in cases where Katrina feels the cause isn’t related to the vestibular system or clinical testing is required, she will draw on her extensive experience of working with people who have inner ear problems and refer you to a relevant medical professional who will be able to assist you.

Treatment for Dizziness Carmichael Clinic - Knutsford

Why Our Clients Recommend us

Katrina explained it so well that I felt reassured..

I am so grateful to Katrina for her thorough examination and clear explanation of my condition. Once I had the Epley it felt like magic. 

I had problems both sides which complicated things but I am just so grateful that Katrina was there to help me. The ear problem I had sounded so complicated when the GP diagnosed me but Katrina explained it so well that I felt reassured that she really knew what she was talking about. I would definitely recommend seeing Katrina!! I have already told all my friends and family about her and I would tell anyone who has dizziness or balance issues to just book in!

Marion Harper
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