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Paediatric services

Looking after your children

While they may look like smaller versions of us, you cannot treat children’s bodies in the same way as adult bodies.

Their bodies come with unique issues that can often stem from the continuous development they are going through, with many of our younger patients’ problems stemming from the simple fact that their muscles haven’t grown and stretched in sync with their frame.

Others come to us requiring post-fracture management, while some children present with sporting injuries or common childhood conditions, such as Osgood-Schlatter disease (OSD) or Sever’s disease.

As with any other person who comes to see us, first of all we complete a thorough assessment to diagnose the problem, before creating a bespoke treatment plan for that individual. When treating children, it’s important to make sure that both the patient and their parent/guardian understand what is happening during every stage of the treatment plan and why we are making the recommendations we make. This helps to remove any fear or uncertainty your child may have around seeing us, as well as making the recommended treatment programme as effective as possible.

Children’s bodies have the remarkable ability to recover quickly from strain and injury. However, this means they need to be seen quickly to enable them to recover in the best way possible, so we bear this in mind when booking appointments.

Looking after your children at Carmichael Clinic

Why Our Clients Recommend us

Hugely grateful to Jo’s experience and instincts
I first brought my son, a keen junior runner, to see Jo as he was complaining of hip pain. He was 10 years old at the time and we had been to A&E but we were told there was nothing wrong. Jo was not convinced and referred me to the consultant orthopaedic team at the Royal Stoke. A hard to spot stress fracture was diagnosed which eventually resulted in surgery. My son is now a top UK 800m runner on an athletics scholarship at University in Chicago. I am hugely grateful that Jo’s experience and instincts led to a referral that had not been initially been picked up.
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